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"Seeds of Peace" by Rommel Roberts and published by Digiboo

Fundamental values that many of our heroes in this book uphold now appear to be supplanted by other forces. Many get-rich-quick examples are rapidly corrupting our youth and giving rise to false expectations. Sacrifice has become a foreign word and corruption is plaguing society. Fortunately there is still time to correct matters. People in our country are tolerant and patient. They are seeking changes with great seriousness so that our young democracy can again be on an upward growth cycle as were the hopes of our heroes and heroines in these stories.I am grateful that Rommel Roberts reminds me of all that with his book. Rommel, you have persevered! God bless you, Desmond Tutu‘In South Africa, the struggle for freedom was won largely through non-violent means – 95% of the struggle was non-violent. The non-violent foundations laid in the preceding years are, I believe, what made our peaceful transition to democracy possible in 1994.’ Rommel Roberts’ words express his conviction which …